Monday, June 06, 2005

Guidelines for Posting

Hey All... WOOO the time is almost here to see some kick-butt caricatures for our first week's project...

Just wanted to share a few guidelines and give some tips on getting the images up on the site...

IMPORTANT The image itself can be as large as you want so long as the image you use to link to it from the site is 420x315 or at least just 420 wide.. it can be portrait if you want.. this will lend some continuity to the site by having all pictures be the same width... it also ensures that you dont break the site layout

For everyone who hasnt used blogger before... the way to go about posting on here is really pretty easy...

Upload your image to your own ftp or on someone's who lets you use theirs.. (i know this part is kinda a pain but we are trying to keep the administrative part of this site down to as little work as possible so we can spend most of the time sketching and animating)

Log in to Blogger.. when you log in to your blogger dashboard there should be a listing of blogs you are currently a part of... Click on doodlesquad to enter the site..

Go to the posting tab and click create... type in the title in the format:
Week - Project - Name - for example this week mine will be:

Week 01 - Caricature - Matt Kelly

Preferably you would use your real name but if you want to use your AM handle that's fine as well.

Notes About Posting Images
to post the image as a thumbnail (being size 420x315) link to a larger image type in:

<A HREF="url for big image.jpg"><IMG SRC="url for thumbnail image.jpg"></A>

or.. if you want to use the larger image as a thumbnail (much more bandwidth usage on your site but then you dont have to make a thumbnail version

<A HREF="url for big image.jpg"><IMG SRC="url for big image.jpg" width=420 height=315></A>

or.. if you are gonna just post the one image with no link directly on the site and have it exactly 420x315

<IMG SRC="url for image that is 420x315">

if you have picasa with hello or some other blog image posting program.. feel free to use those as well...

oh.. i also set up an email address for the site that jp and i will be checking occasionally.. any questions either grab me on AIM or MSN if you've got my screenname or on AM if you dont or send them to


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