Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Welcome to Doodlesquad!

Hey and welcome to DoodleSquad! The goal of this site is to give each of us the opportunity to stretch our creative muscles each week and have fun doing it! Basically, the site will work like this: On Monday, we'll post a current topic for the week. Then you'll have the week to illustrate that topic using whatever medium (traditional or digital) you feel drawn to! (pun intended) You'll have until Friday to upload your masterpiece and feel good about yourself for having finished a job well done!

Awed and Inspired by the avatars of our awe-inspiring mentors, we're proposing that the first official topic be a caricature of yourself. These illustrations will need to be uploaded by next Friday, June the 10th.

As for upcoming topics and themes, we're open to suggestions so put those thinking caps on and let us know what you'd like to draw next! Sample topics could include your favorite movie character (live action or animated), aliens, oversized rodents and your favorite super hero to name a few. Feel free to post any ideas you may have into the comments section of this post.

Now sharpen up those mice, plug those pencils in and get to work! We're looking forward to seeing what all of you come up with.

The Doodle Squad Team


  • Rockin' JP thx for startin this up. It's gonna be fun

    By Blogger Mike, at 8:07 PM  

  • This is a cool idea. To answer your question, I am trying to keep the shots under raps. After this summer I hope to be at a place to release it into the festival circuit. So, keep your eyes pealed for "Bad Bullets"

    By Blogger twin turbohed, at 8:07 AM  

  • Awesome starting this up Matt. This should be fun!!!

    By Blogger Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci, at 11:18 AM  

  • I was just wondering why Monday until Friday? Any chance of getting a weekend day in there? :)

    By Blogger MattG, at 2:15 PM  

  • yeah, I second Mattg.. why not picking the topic at the latest by saturday, so we can use the weekend to doodle away? :)

    By Blogger IKA, at 7:04 AM  

  • Good point ya'll! If Matt doesn't have any objections, we'll try to post the new topic either on Friday or Saturday which will give you the weekend to start doodling! Thanks for the suggestion!

    By Blogger JP Roberts, at 1:27 PM  

  • Just what I need...
    another assignment to work on.

    This seems like fun.
    It may force me to get
    back to drawing...

    By Blogger Brad, at 3:03 PM  

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